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Phantom Icons
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28th-Sep-2005 04:33 pm - 25 Phantom Icons
I'm new here, and I have 25 icons up for grabs! I'd prefer to be credited for my work. :) Also, please don't hotlink from me! If you do, you'd be wise to keep your hand at the level of your eyes... :p

25 alw film icons (2004)

More behind the cut...Collapse )
9th-Sep-2005 10:52 pm(no subject)

Heyyy! I've been a part of this community for a while. I LOVE PotO. I saw the play on tour while they were touring where I live in June. Um. Yeah. I just started making colorbars, and I have a few. Just a FEW. Lol. They're my firsts, so yeah!! Thank you!!

Onto my journal!!

[6] Colorbars
[1] Bridget Jones's Diary
[1] Emmy Rossum
[1] Gerard Butler
[1] Matt Damon
[1] Red Hot Chili Peppers
[1] Rocky Horror Picture Show

Thank you!!

<333 Carissa

3rd-Sep-2005 09:35 am - Phantom Of The Opera Icons
Star Wars - Zath/Kira
Enjoy The icons ^_^x

Erik x11
Erik & Christine x14

Preview:Erik ErikChristine ErikChristine

(25 Phantom Of The Opera Icons)

crossposted in erik__christine
3rd-Nov-2005 12:01 am - ALW movie icons
PotC {always dignity}
[20] Phantom of the Opera
[2] Emmy Rossum


see the rest
23rd-Aug-2005 11:29 pm - The Art of Parrish
Me (Alleykitten)
I decided to make a whole bunch of bases out of the artwork of Parrish.

You're right, it's not fair! But, that's only half of it!Collapse )
25th-May-2005 12:24 am - Two ALW movie icons
Jjong is too short
Mannequin <3Collapse )
18th-May-2005 05:26 pm - nothing special
Emo Kid
i guess i'm in a black and white mood. i've never actually posted any icons here, mainly because mine look like crap compared to most of yours, but i was bored, so here are a few. but if you do decide to use one, just credit me.

don't get excitedCollapse )
2nd-Mar-2005 10:44 pm - Can I get a YAY! for bases?
{A} my husbands

No? Ah well ;) I'll post 'em anyway.

OH before I forget: Gerry is on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight, so be sure to watch! :)

Okay, now to the goods:

15 Gerry bases
1 Emmy and Gerry base
23 PotO (more like Christine) bases (i think :/)



PSST, guess what? There's a lovely Gerry surprise for ya under the cut ;)Collapse )

Side note: I've been considering starting an icon/base journal...what do ya'll think? :/

1st-Mar-2005 11:47 am - rather large base post
{A} my husbands

Hey :)

I visited several sites yesterday and they all had an over abundance of piccies...so I was inspired to make bases ;)

12 more Emmy from the Oscars (and 1 random Emmy base)
12 PotO
13 Gerry bases!!



does that tease you enough to click here?Collapse )

28th-Feb-2005 02:05 pm - Emmy bases and PotO bases :)
{A} my husbands

Okay, I know everyone's trying to get away from all the Oscar ranting (and i wasn't going to post any, don't worry ;D) but I made some bases last night of Emmy from the Oscars...If anyone wants any, clicka the LJ cut ;)

14 Emmy from the Oscars bases
4 Erik bases



clicka for more Emmy-ness...and some lovely Erik-ness as well ;)Collapse )

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